The Bayer Experience

Student studying a book


Bayer Private School students achieve high scores on local and national achievement tests as well as a high acceptance rate into AP classes in high school.·      

  • Curriculum designed for advanced learners
  • Students taught at least one grade level ahead
  • Typical class size less than 18 students 
  • Qualified Accomplished Teachers who motivate and care about their students
  • Experience the joy of learning
  • Foreign language instruction is part of the daily schedule
  • Science labs
  • Dual math instruction; Saxon and Singapore progressing to Algebra and Geometry

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Bayer Private School is committed to providing a nurturing learning environment where students are valued and empowered to reach their full potential. We value the rich diversity among students and staff and believe this is an important component of the learning process and promotes problem solving and global awareness. 

  • Our community is centered around our families
  • Connected and supportive community
  • School spirit and activities make school enjoyable and fun for teachers, families and students alike.
  • Integrated Student Care.
    1. Registered Nurse on duty for the health and safety of our students. Safety is our top priority!
    2. Vision and hearing screening to find difficulties that may interfere with student learning. 
    3. Character coach instructs students on character traits that lead to success
    4.  Teachers provide learning support and reinforce strong character values in and out of the classroom
    5.  Families partner with the school to assist or participate in school events


Bayer Private School's philosophy demonstrates that it is important not only to prepare students for academic success in higher education, but to mold them into inspiring, committed, successful members of our society. Embracing our school’s values has enabled us to provide an exceptional education to bright, capable, students for over five decades

  • High expectations for students and support for student learning. Students acquire the study skills and knowledge to find success in high school and beyond
  • Positive and rewarding environment
  • Caring and experienced teachers 
  • Strong work ethic is promoted and reinforced
  • Service organizations for students like National Junior Honor Society and Student Council
  • Manners and gratitude are part of the culture
  • Acceptance and love for all students by all students and staff.
  • After School Programs

Character Education

The Character Education program at Bayer Private School is as important as the academic curriculum. Here, students are encouraged to grow into empathic, well-rounded leaders of tomorrow. The program is founded on the five core traits from the Bayer Creed: Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Responsibility, and Perseverance.

The Bayer Creed is:

As a student of Bayer Private School:

I treat others with RESPECT and COMPASSION

I act with INTEGRITY


And I find success through my PERSEVERANCE.

The Program Includes:

  • Daily Recitation of The Pledge of Allegiance and Bayer Creed
  • Character Development Themed Book Readings (Preschool Classes)
  • Monthly Writings on Character Traits
  • Monthly Assemblies:
    •  Star Sportsmanship (Individual Sportsmanship Award)
    • Character Trait Awards (Individual Character Awards)