Extended Day

Here at Bayer Private School, we recognize that many parent’s childcare needs extend beyond the hours of a typical school day. To meet these needs we offer extended care both before and after school care.


School opens as early as 7:00am. Students can enroll for this session for a monthly fee or use it periodically for a nominal fee.


Those families that will require after school care for their children on a regular basis may enroll in the program for a discounted rate during enrollment.

Homework Club

Homework Club is a time for students to complete homework at school where they can find resources to assist them, should they need it.  It starts after their class is dismissed and ends at 4:00 PM.  There is an monthly cost as well as a drop-in rate for students choosing to stay.

After School Specials

Many after school enrichment classes are offered for students in all grades throughout the year. A variety of after school activities are offered for an additional fee each trimester, with something of interest for every student. From science-based activities to cheer, chess, sports, and arts – the fun and learning continues well beyond the end of the school day. 

Extended Day

Students can be picked up as late as 5:30pm.  Students begin their extended day in Homework Club then participate in activities, art, games and play until they are picked up. There is an monthly cost as well as a drop-in rate for students choosing to stay.

Afterschool students enjoy cooking club